Friday, June 6, 2014

Coaching Salaries and Stipends

After hearing about Nick Saban's new contract information being released, along with the continuing discussion around paying NCAA players a stipend on top of their scholarships, I was curious how long it would take coaches to earn enough to pay a $2000 stipend for each scholarship player on their roster. Using salary information from, below are the results.

 So if Alabama makes into the semifinals this year, Nick Saban would earn enough money between the Jan 1 semifinal and noon on Jan 9th to pay each players' stipend for the entire year. This isn't to demonize the coach's salaries, as they are essentially CEOs of multi-millionare corporations, and I'm sure that Nick Saban would gladly spend 2.3% of his yearly income to help provide for his players. It may be harder for coaches like Dan Enos of Central Michigan to contribute 45% of his income to provide the same benefit for his players in the MAC.

But overall, this shows that for the major conferences, saying there isn't money in college athletics to help pay a stipend is being disingenuous.