Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Big Plays 2010

Everyone talks about how important big plays are in a team's offense, here's a vizualization of big plays (plays that gain 20+ yards) versus negative (plays that gain zero or less yards) on a game-by-game basis for the main offensive threats.

Looking at the numbers, in the 4 losses, we had at least 13 negative yardage plays (16 or more against A&M, OU, and Washington in the bowl). As for big plays, we only had 12 in our 4 losses, compared to an astounding 65 negative plays in those same games.

Comparatively, we had almost 5 big plays per game in our wins, with only an average of 7 negative plays per win. So while are many factors that play into winning a losing the game, as you can see here, minimizing the number of negative plays you have will really help increase your chances of winning the game (not that you needed this vizualization to tell you that).

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