Monday, August 8, 2011

Total Yards for 2010 - The Great Divide

Since Nebraska lost a lot of offensive NFL talent after last year (Roy Helu and Niles Paul to the Redskins, McNeil to the Colts), the biggest concern a lot of people have is who will replace those yards this season. However, looking at this chart, a bigger questions should be, how will we spread out the yards. As you can see, 3 players got the majority of rushing and receiving yards, Helu, Burkhead, and Martinez. But this was often a feast or famine situation, as if you shut down 2 of them (or all 3) then we weren't going to move the ball.

I'll be intersted in seeing how we spread the ball out this year and who steps up to fill in for the departed players. My guess is will players who weren't on the team last year, like Braylon Heard and Jamal Turner.

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